Chapter II Part I of To Zander. With Love, Hanna!

Chapter II
Xander stared at the word Decoy. He and Hanna had never used Decoy as a game. It was a code that he and Hanna had made after their Father died, so if they needed help they could tell each other without other people knowing what they were saying.
Danger. Entrapped. Come. Overwhelmed. And finally, the Y stood for You’re the Best.
“If one of us were in danger, we would send Decoy to the other. We made the code inside of a code and only the two of us knew of Decoy.” Xander mumbled to himself, “How does Decoy explain where she is?” Oakland watched Xander pace on the porch, waiting for an explanation.
“Xander, I guess you don’t know me by my first name Oakland, but you’ll know who I am from my last name Soaring-Eagle.” Oakland said to the now wide eyed young man.
“You are Dad’s friend? I thought that you moved to the mountains.” Zander said shocked. His Dad and Soaring-Eagle grew up together, they met at church when they were five and four years old, they went to school together, they got their first jobs at the same drive thru. Oakland kept an eye on his best friend’s family, even after he moved away.

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