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From The Dark To The Dawn

Decadent Rome, 61 Anno Domini. The masters of the universe have crushed the Iceni rebellion with an iron hand, slaughtering and enslaving her people.

For Philip, his existence as a captive means living to hatred. He despises his rich, young master, resenting his life of servitude and the wrestling feats Marcus forces him to perform. Bitterness engulfs his soul until he only lives for the day when he will crush the might of Rome.

Then Christianity enters the picture. Taught by a Jewish breadmaker to know the man called Christus, Philip begins the struggle to forgive and honor his master. But forgiveness is not easy towards one who lives for himself.

Marcus Virginius knows nothing but power and pleasure. Destined to a successful career serving Nero in the Praetorian Guard, he wants no part of Christianity. And he is determined to crush Philip’s newfound faith – no matter what it takes.

Join Philip and Marcus in their journey of redemption, faith, and forgiveness. Is love enough to conquer h…

I was hacked!!! (Eh. A guest post by Kellyn Roth!)

So, I wasn't really hacked, but here is a guest post by Kellyn Roth!

Hello ladies and gents!
First off, thanks so much, Kaylee, for hosting me on your blog! *waves wildly* I’m so excited to share my new Reveries with you … and it’s amazing that Kaylee was willing to give me a hand with that! *applause for Kaylee*
Second, today I’m going to tell you a few things that I wish I’d known when I started blogging. Newbies inevitably make mistakes—and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!
However, I think some of those mistakes can be prevented … and hopefully this post will help YOU be a better blogger than I was when I first begun almost three years ago.
#1: Beautiful = eye-catching = readers will stay longer!
It’s an inconvenient truth … people always do judge the book by the cover. And the blog by its design.
So make sure your blog is as beautiful as it can be. Make it easy to navigate, gentle on the eyes, and aesthetically appealing.
At the same time, never let the looks of the blog d…