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Book review: of Unbroken by Rebekah A. Morris

About: Difficulties arise at Triple Creek Ranch when Orlena, Norman Mavrich’s spoiled, pampered younger sister comes to live with her brother and his wife. The move is much against Orlena’s wishes, and she doesn’t hesitate to let everyone know it. Time and again Mr. and Mrs. Mavrich are driven to their knees to find strength to face another day. Join the young ranch boss, Norman Mavrich, his sweet wife, Jenelle, and the rest of the members of Triple Creek Ranch as they strive to be examples of Christ to the unbroken newcomer.

Genre: Christian Fiction.

Rating: 5 Stars.

Recommendation: Anyone.

My favorite character/s: Jenelle Mavrich is sweet kind and caring, she shows patience that only comes from God in dealing with Orlena, she tries to show Orlena Christ's love but Orlena won't listen. She tries to get through to Orlena but Orlena is determined not to let anyone in. Then Norman has a accident and Jenelle has to take care of him.

My Verse for Jenelle is Hebrews 10:36 For ye h…

Book review: of Everard by Chautona Havig

About: A Prince, a friend, and a lizard walk into a trap…

Everard of Havilund—fierce warrior, brave soldier, loyal friend, heir to the throne, and painfully shy.
The war is over! Or is it? After four long years fighting in a war that has spanned a millennium, Everard is finally going home. He has faced everything he fears most—he thinks. Alas, trouble is brewing in the little hamlet of Hidden Hollow and he has only himself to blame.
Follow Everard as he tries to slay the Dragon of Ironia, face the Giant of the Tripp Mountains, bring the Enchantress of Enervatia to justice… just for starters.
Will he succeed? Will he overcome his personal demons that threaten all he is working for?
Find out in this second installment of the Not-So-Fairy Tales.

Genre: Christian Fiction.

Rating: 5 stars.

Recommendation: To anyone.

Everard is my favorite Fairy Tale (or my favorite Not So Fairy Tale) book. My Mama got it for me about three years ago.

My favorite character/s: Roana is a great girl. He…
Hello I'm Kaylee,

This is my blog! I'll post anything I can think of, books, crafts, outfits I like, and anything else!

Things you should know about me:

I am almost sixteen. Next is my brother who is fourteen, then my sister that is eleven, then my next little sister is nine, my baby brother who is seven, my baby sisters who are three and the youngest at the moment is then closer to two then one year old. With one on the way!!!

I am homeschooled and love learning new languages like Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish and so on.

I have two birds Sprite Melon (Sprite for short) and Honeydew Melon (Honey for short). I had another bird Storm but she got out. :-(

My favorite thing to do is READ... Almost anything I am able to get my hands on!

What is your favorite book?